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Nicki Lothian

Nicki Lothian, professional Dundee photography
Nicki Lothian – Dundee Photo Tours

My early interests in photography started when I was travelling in my 20s. When I was in China, I made friends with a group of photography students from Australia, and I was fascinated with what they were doing, and loved following them around when they were out on their photography tours. I started with film, and ultimately would love to go back to the dark room when my children are older.
My love for photography flourished when my first son born in my early 30s. I found myself wanting to capture every single moment of his life. From his fuzzy bed head to that amazing smile that really lights up his eyes, and my life. This is what led me to set up my Family Documentary Photography Business in Dundee.
As my children grew, and I started to get some evenings back, I joined a Photography Group in Dundee where I met Caron and Kenny. The 3 of us quickly became friends sharing our love for photography, our city, good food and red wine!

Caron Sandeman

Caron Sandeman – Dundee Photo Tours

I’m hardworking, dedicated, determined, focused, organised, creative and fun to work with. Pretty boring huh, well except the fun to work with bit!   But hey, these characteristics are all important if you’re having a look at our tours as one of your things to do in Dundee.  I was born in Dundee and I’ve lived here all my life.

I love photography and I love to travel.  These are my passions.  I have traveled and learnt photography at the same time, I’ve taken courses in London and New York which were just amazing.  They taught me so much and I met so many great people, some have become close friends.  In 2018 I ticked one off the bucket list and travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia on a photography tour holiday.  Learning, travelling and taking pictures, I was in seventh heaven and I can’t wait to bring everything I learnt to Dundee Photo Tours in Britain’s coolest little city.

Kenny Baird

Kenny Baird Dundee Photo Tours
Kenny Baird – Dundee Photo Tours

“I didn’t really have a plan to be a professional photographer in any specific sense – to be anything. A policeman, fireman, anything like that. I really didn’t have a plan. I was aimless.” Bob Gruen – Rock Photographer

I’m Kenny, I live in Dundee and I love my city. It is an exciting time to be here. There are so many exciting things happening in Dundee. The new V&A museum of design is generating a whole explosion of creativity in Dundee come and let us show you around.

I love to travel and been fortunate to do fair bit when in the merchant navy…but coming home to this city…. like Elbow sung in Station Approach “I feel like I designed the buildings I walk by”.

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